My Customized Passport Holder & Jewelry Box from Perfico

Being a travel blogger, I am always on the move. While checking in airports frequently, the most essential thing to prove your identity is the passport. Often I find myself in a situation where I have to dig down in my hand bag to find my passport , especially when I am in hurry. Not just that,  the need for a small notebook and pen is another thing that constantly plays hide and seek with me. How about keeping everything in a Passport Holder ? A specially designed customized leather passport holder with your name on it, is always an ideal accessory to carry while you are looking to explore new horizons.

I recently discovered Perfico while browsing and learnt that they not only specialize in beautiful personalized gifts but also make some stunning customized passport holders. These holders come with extra flaps for your credit cards, visiting cards and small writing pads which give an easy access to the routinely used items. The company provides a wide array of options from where one can create his or her own design that truly represents one’s own creative thought process. Apart from the personalized name tag, you have  a number of colors and style to choose from. The quality of their leather is stunning and impeccable and it is also a great gift idea for your travel buddies.

My personalized passport holder looks sleek and super stylish with my name on it. I loved the way they have designed it. The best part of a customized passport holder is that you have the liberty to choose your own designs and styles, which are personalized for you. Moreover, in case if you misplace it, there is a high chance of identifying it easily. Also, a passport holder saves your passport from damage due to rough weather.

Being a woman, I love to travel well with a good mix of wardrobe, containing a wide variety of attires and jewelry complimenting it for each occasion. It is no secret that women crave and yearn to possess jewelry as much as she can. But while travelling, carrying jewelry requires a lot of care. In this matter, a jewelry box can fit well in your suitcase which not only keeps it safe but also handy when in need.

Perfico takes care of this requirement as well. They make some amazing and customized Jewelry Boxes to cater to your needs. These boxes are beautiful, sturdy and help to keep your piece of Jewelry secure from damage and exposure. You can order these boxes in a number of styles and sizes.

I have got my personalized Passport Holder and Jewelry Box. Are you getting one for yourself ?

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