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Being a Travel Blogger and a photographer, I am required to travel very frequently. It demands chaotic schedules, sleepless nights at airports, and the tedious process of packing and unpacking. In such a scenario, I tend to lose things during those hassled hours. For a photographer like me, losing the physical data due to any human or technical error is nothing less than a calamity, which nobody would like to encounter.

I still remember the moment when I discovered that I had lost the most important photographs of my trip to Bhutan when I accidentally pressed the delete option from my SD card. I still could not believe that after doing the  strenuous trek to Tiger Nest in Paro and clicking some of the most breath-taking images, I could lose them in a fraction of a second. Not just once, I faced a similar data loss again a few years back when I realized that I had lost all my extraordinary captures from Bhimbetka in Madhya Pradesh when I was transferring my photos from the SD card to the computer. Due to these incidents, I could not write about my experiences since I did not have the photographs to compliment my writing. The feeling of losing the most treasured photographs was absolutely terrifying. And, I have learnt my lesson the hard way.

Losing data is a common scenario among photographers. It can be really frustrating when you lose the critical data stored in your computer, laptop, hard drive, flash drive, etc. The data can be lost due to accidental deletion, software related issues, virus attack, corrupted memory card, file corruption, hardware failures, corrupted drive, and many other kinds of disasters. Whatever the reason, the data loss can ruin your entire project, especially when you are on an assignment. Nothing can be more blissful than an excellent data recovery service that can save your work from disaster. I have recently stumbled upon the Stellar Data Recovery and I am blown away by their services. Their data recovery service is a blessing in disguise.

The Stellar Data Recovery is the most trusted name in India when it comes to the data recovery services. This professional data recovery service has been a leader in the service industry for more than two decades. Over 2 Million satisfied customers, more than 8000 partners worldwide, and over 60 Data Recovery Experts, the Stellar Data Recovery is the ultimate solution for all kinds of data loss. They expertise in recovering data from almost all kinds of media storage devices like Hard disk, Laptop, External media devices, SSDs (SanDisk solid state drives) servers, RAID/SAN/NAS systems, database, emails, mobile phones, etc. They can recover photos from damaged SD card as well.

The Stellar can also recover RAW file formats of popular DSLR Cameras like Canon, Nikon, and Sony. Not just the DSLR cameras, they can recover missing data from GoPro and Drone cameras like Garmin, Phantom, Inspire and even accurately restore deleted pictures with original date-timestamp and file names. With their everlasting innovations in data recovery, revolutionary approach and efficiency in delivering services, it has become the preferred choice for professionals.

Why should you take their service?

If the data recovery service provider like Stellar Data Recovery can bring you back your most coveted work and save you from a catastrophe, it is wise to use their services. There are many other reasons to choose Stellar Data Recovery services. Find out here…

  • The ISO certified Stellar Data Recovery utilizes CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM environment where Stellar performs physical recovery, from simple to the most complicated data loss situations. By doing this, the Stellar ensures that the affected object is in a safe environment; hence, the technician can concentrate on performing the recovery process. It also ensures the maximum possible data recovery.
  • The Stellar Data Recovery has a world class infrastructure to support their excellent service in data recovery. Not just that, they have the best in-house research and development team, which has delivered the most updated new technology to recover data from simple to complex cases for the last 25 years now!
  • When it comes to the money back policy, they work on No Recovery- No charge policy. It means that, if they do not recover the data specified by you, then payment is not required to be made. It’s called the 100% money back policy.
  • The Stellar Data Recovery service also ensures Data Privacy. The Stellar is ISO 27001 compliant, which means that it has implemented requisite processes to safeguard privacy of your vital memories and prevent it from being shared with other audience at large. I find this element extremely crucial to their award-winning services.
  • Another commendable service is their free door step Drive pickup. It makes your life easier since you don’t need to find the locations physically to avail their services. The Stellar Data Recovery is present in 15 locations across India.
  • The accurate efficiencies and reliability of their services has earned them the reputation of being the best in the business. The risk free and the ensured privacy are making it the most trustworthy data recovery services in India. And it has led to the customer satisfaction rate being quite high.

Do you need more reasons?

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