Introducing Lapua in Finland : A Compelling Photo Story

If there is any country which has swept me off my feet at the very first glance, it would definitely be Finland. The land of contrast is nothing less than a fairy-tale destination. I was blown away by almost everything I saw. Whether it was the sprawling forests, surreal lakes, adorable reindeer, the humble Sami People, or the painting like landscapes, Finland is undoubtedly one of the most unique and beautiful destinations on this earth. I was already in awe of the winter wonderland and its captivating snow laden landscapes in Lapland, which I consider as one of the most enchanting sights I have ever come across. But I had no idea that a place called Lapua in Finland exists until I discovered it on Instagram, captured by the Finnish Photographer Jukka Risikko. I decided to dig out more about the destination by collaborating with the photographer himself.

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Lapua is the vibrant town in South Ostrobothnia of Finland. This breathtakingly gorgeous town, located on the bank of Lapuanjoki River, is one of the oldest municipalities of the country. Lapua is not just another town in Finland, rather it has a historical importance. The large ammunition factory, which commenced operations in 1927 as the State Cartridge Factory, was the primary supplier of ammunition to the Finnish Army during the Winter War and World War II. But the unfortunate explosion in the State Cartridge Factory on 13 April 1976, resulted in numerous deaths and is considered as the worst accidental disaster in Finland’s modern history. Now the State Cartridge Factory has been totally renovated, and serves as a cultural center.

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The charming city of Lapua is a culturally rich city in the western Finland. Popularly known as a family friendly destination, Lapua offers everything to turn your holiday into a memorable one. It offers a wide variety of leisure activities, numerous places to see and explore, like museums, galleries, ateliers, theaters, cultural center, ski center, and many adventure activities that attract tourists to this amazing destination. Lapua is home to many famous design companies and boutiques. One just cannot resist from indulging in shopping some of the unique handicraft products and souvenirs; there are also a handful of local restaurants to try the local delicacies. When it comes to accommodation, Lapua flaunts modern hotels to traditional farmhouses or a cottage in a holiday village.

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What makes Lapua extraordinary is its serenity of the landscapes covering the wide plains, rivers and Simpsiö hill. The fascinating Alajoki plains add a uniqueness to the landscapes. The captivating plains are inviting enough for people to take part in hiking, cycling and even canoeing on the river. The wonderful landscapes dotted with traditional barns and rare birds make this destination absolutely surreal. It is truly a feast for your eyes when you go through the picture perfect imagery of this fairy-tale destination, vividly captured by the noted Finnish photographer Jukka RisikkoDo follow his work on Instagram.

When you are in Lapua, all you need is to Slow down and listen to the Stillness

About Jukka Risikko

Jukka Risikko is an eminent photographer from western Finland. Lapua, being his hometown, he started capturing the awe-inspiring landscapes a few years ago . He loves capturing local landscapes, wildlife and other fascinating things  in his own unique style. He has been fascinated by Finland’s four seasons. He loves to play with the natural light whenever he captures the landscapes and rare birds in Lapua. He is a self- taught photographer and started capturing the landscapes as a hobby. It is his brilliance in nature photography that has earned him accolades and thousands of ardent followers on his Social Media accounts.

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How to Reach 

To know how to reach Lapua from Helsinki, do check it HERE.

Disclaimer :

The  photographs are owned by the Photographer Jukka Risikko and are copyright protected. Reproduction of any of the contents, including the photographs without prior consent/permission of the writer is strictly prohibited and a violation of the same will attract legal action.

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    Wow I had no idea about the Sami, or how diverse and ridiculously stunning Finland is. I loved reading this. Very inspiring.

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