Why Suryagarh Jaisalmer is Not Just A Luxurious Palace Hotel, But An Experience in Itself

Blending seamlessly with the traditional outlook and the modern influences, providing ultra-luxury in a royal setup, and upholding the Indian cultural heritage with pride, Suryagarh is nothing less than a beautiful dream.

Complementing beautifully with the vast landscapes of the Thar Desert, the very first impression of this impressive fort-like structure is eye-arresting. Miles away from the bustling city of Jaisalmer, Suryagarh takes you back to the bygone era the moment you enter the hotel.


Unlike any other luxury hotel, Suryagarh is known for its specially crafted signature experiences, which make it one of the most celebrated luxury properties in India. One has to live it to believe it. It’s not just a hotel anymore. It is an experience in itself.


Everything seems nearly perfect. From the arches to white chiffon curtains, chandeliers to the tabletops, intricately designed décor to the aesthetics of the rooms, and the antique collections to the paintings, you will be spellbound. More than anything, the gold standard of their hospitality has created a benchmark in the hospitality industry. The infectious smiles on their faces are tangible and make you appreciate each effort they make to turn your stay into an unforgettable one.

Royal Welcome

Clad in traditional attire, holding a tray of beverages, with a smiling face, he said, “Ghani Khamma”. That’s how I was greeted at the airport. They won me over there. What followed next was beyond imagination. The Royal Escort was right there to guide you through the road leading towards the Suryagarh.

The Royal Escort taking us to Suryagarh in Jaisalmer

Shimmering like a Royal Fortress in the dark, the hotel was visible from afar. As I approached the main gate, I was royally escorted again by two men on the camels which was followed by the traditional music and dance in the courtyard, where I was welcomed by the Pandit with aarti. Everything seems so grand and dreamy that it takes time to even acknowledge and get immersed at that moment.

Gold Standard of Hospitality

Suryagarh goes the extra mile to ensure that you have a great time at their lavish hotel. From the moment you arrive till you leave the hotel premises, each one of them takes one step ahead of your expectations when it comes to hospitality. Whether you have food preferences, special demands like curated experiences, or anything for that matter, will be executed with the utmost priority.


The best part of their hospitality is that they make you feel at home. What makes it worth mentioning is the amount of detailing that goes into the service, which is simply unbelievable. Whether it is the flower decoration on the dining table, customized menu, taking care of your food allergies (If any), providing jaw-dropping set-up in the middle of nowhere, and the way everything is presented with utmost ease even in the torching sun in the desert or at odd hours in the hotel is truly commendable.


Specially Curated Trails

What makes Suryagarh rise above others is not the luxury that it provides, but the thoughtfully curated experiences that speak highly about their serious efforts to keep our rich heritage intact and preserve it for the future. It is also a great endeavor to educate the guests about it. The Silk Route Exploration was one fulfilling experience I had during my stay at the hotel.

It introduced me to the bygone era when the Jaisalmer was one of the important stopovers for the tradesmen who preferred the southern route through India and Pakistan. It’s quite intriguing to imagine what it looked like to see the caravans laden with merchandise used to pass through the rough terrain of the Thar Desert to take permission at Khaba fort to proceed further

The way Mr. Nakul Handa (General Manager of Suryagarh) was explaining the intriguing story of the past and the abandoned Paliwal village was quite fascinating to the ears. Standing at the Khaba Fort and seeing the ruins of an ancient Paliwal village, my imagination ran through the pages of history.  I got goosebumps.

Following the trail, I visited Kuldhara Oasis and the cemetery of the Paliwal Brahmins where I saw the ruins that speak volumes about the past. The trail took me to the wells of Mundhari where you will find the sweetest water in the middle of the desert.

The day-long trail ended at Joshida water reservoir. It’s quite amazing to know that the Suryagarh designs the trails after indulging in a lot of research and taking an effort to discover new things to add to their signature experiences. It’s a great way to celebrate the past and share it with great dignity and pride with their guests.

Signature Experiences

When it comes to unique experiences, Suryagarh masters them with ease. You will be amazed to know the range of experiences you can enjoy while holidaying in Surygarh. Whether it was the Thar Dinner with celebrated folk music and culinary delights, Dinner on the Dunes with the dreamlike setting, Halwai Breakfast with Peacocks and the soothing voice of the folk singer, or an exotic spa experience, Suryagarh takes you on a journey like never before. The carefully crafted experiences with intricate details and the way the experiences are presented in front of you are purely a work of art.

Halwai Breakfast

Food is a serious business at Suryagarh. The amount of food they serve with a variety of cuisines, you really need to be a foodie to indulge in that kind of an expansive food affair. More than the food, I was floored by their aesthetic sense of flower decorations on the table. The elegantly decorated pink bougainvillea flowers were complementing the setup flawlessly.

On top of it, the variety of homemade sweets just added more color to the table. How about some music to your ears while sampling the breakfast? The flute rendition by the Manganiyar folk artist just sets the mood early in the morning.


If that’s not enough, you have the lovely company of peacocks, doves, donkeys, turtles, etc., in the central courtyard.

When it comes to food, they make you savor the nourishing breakfast of Indian traditional delicacies such as Pyaaz ki Kachori, daal pakwaan, methi paratha, pickle, jalebi, badam doodh and of course Indian methai.

I was literary lost in the lavishness of the breakfast spread.

Thar Dinner

Photo Courtesy: Suryagarh

The Thar dinner at their celebration garden is another grand affair where you are taken to experience a complete royal affair. Right from the moment you walk in, you will be greeted with traditional folk music. The tasseled canopies and mattress-style seating under the sky, make it a wonderful evening.


The Thar Dinner celebrates the culinary traditions of travelers. The gastronomic experience of sampling the best of culinary delights, inspired by the food traditions of the travelers who crossed the Thar to Jaisalmer in ancient times makes it even more special.

Adding to the celebration were the Manganyaar singers who rendered the soulful music of the desert.

Dinner on The Dunes

Photo Courtesy: Suryagarh

More than the dinner, the amount of detailing and exquisite way of presenting the setup in the middle of nowhere in the Thar desert make all the difference. Right from taking the camel ride under the star-lit sky when your ears are attuned to the sound of silence, the unbeatable hospitality, stunning fireworks, and warm bonfire, the night was magical.

A variety of beverages are poured into your glass along with delicious starters when you are lost in the melodious musical aura of the folk singers, whose voices dominate the silence for miles, the full moon smiles brightly in the sky, the chill in the air feels comforting; it was a magical night. The nomadic hunt menu for the dinner makes it a perfect end to this majestic evening on the dunes.

Architectural Marvel

Suryagarh is the finest example of an architectural marvel. The brainchild of Manvendra Singh Shekawhat, the managing director of MRS Group, Suryagarh speaks highly about the perfect marriage between traditional outlooks with modern luxuries. The intricate details in each corner shout loudly about the precision and the attitude toward making it perfect in every sense.

The unmissable detailing on the pillars, perfectly curved arches, jali windows, the design of the floor marbles, the colors of the curtains, every antique piece in the corridors, and rightly placed paintings, the Suryagarh is a work of art. Everything signifies regal taste. It is grand, opulent, and royal.

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Everything is exquisitely displayed, subtle, and elegant. Whether it is the restaurants like The Legend of Marwar, Draksh, and Nosh, the décor and aesthetic sense of each one of them are distinctively different and beautifully display their thoughtfulness.

When it comes to their celebrated spa named Rait, it simply signifies the sand which is so relatable. Owning to the name, they have sand treatment, which is extremely rejuvenating and healing at the same time.

The names of recreational spaces like Akhara (Gym), Neel (Covered Indoor pool), Taash (Cards and Billiards Room) say a lot about the thoughtfulness.

The sprawling architecture houses six picturesque gardens which catch your eye for their variety of flowers, the way it’s positioned around the property, and the purpose it serves.

My favorite corner was the central courtyard which is the heart of the hotel, surrounded by long corridors, jali windows and jhorokhas, and stone benches that gives you versatile experiences depending on when you are experiencing it.

I prefer to be there just after sunset when the lights are dimly lit, desert music is in the background and millions of stars just sparkle up in the sky.

Life can be so lavish and regal at the same time at Suryagarh

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