Top 5 Luxury Experiences in Singapore You Shouldn’t Miss

Singapore oozes luxury. A city where one can have endless luxuries and top travel experiences, make it one of the most visited cities in the world. With the cosmopolitan vibes, urban lifestyle, high-end shopping malls, rooftop bars, infinity pools, and top hotels with numerous entertainment options, etc., there is no dearth of luxuries the city offers to the travelers. In other words, Singapore flaunts its luxuries like diamonds in the crown.


The city dazzles at night with promising nightlife. So, if you are looking for a luxurious holiday in any Asian city, Singapore is the obvious choice for many. Not just for the holiday, Singapore attracts shopaholics from across the globe. In this post, I am listing out the top 5 luxury experiences in Singapore which shouldn’t be missed on your next visit.

1. Shop till you drop at High-end shopping malls

Singapore is considered one of the top shopping destinations in Southeast Asia. The city flaunts an array of shopping malls that houses high-end brands and luxury products. Singapore is nothing less than a paradise for shopaholics, especially for the young crowd and fashion-conscious people. Singapore’s most famous shopping mall is ION Orchard with more than 300 outlets. The Orchard Road of Singapore is the shopping hub in the city lined with mega luxury malls.

The Paragon Shopping Centre, Vivo City, Knightsbridge Mall, Mustafa Centre, Mandarin Gallery, Ngee Ann City, Far East Plaza, etc., are some of the prominent shopping malls for shoppers. If you have money, shop till you drop in Singapore’s luxury malls. So, don’t miss this top luxury experience in Singapore which is always a bucket list activity.

2. Take a dip in the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool

Don’t miss the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool in Singapore. How about enjoying a glass of champagne admiring the bird’s eye view of Singapore from the 57 floors up in the Marina Bay Sands hotel? Take a plunge in the world’s infinity pool and indulge in Uber luxury there. Moreover, If you are someone who loves to enjoy your drink with a great view with your friends, nothing can beat the experience of a pool party at the Marina Bay Sands hotel.

The eye-arresting skyline of Singapore can be best viewed from the rooftop infinity pool. So, book a room to enjoy the panoramic view of Singapore’s iconic skyline from the infinity pool at the world’s famous Marina Bay Sands hotel. Until and unless you stay at the hotel, you are not allowed to access the rooftop pool. This is certainly one of the top luxury experiences in Singapore.

3. Drink Champagne at the Singapore Flyer

Champagne with a jaw-dropping view in Singapore? You must visit the Singapore Flyer for an epic luxury experience in the city. Nothing can beat this memorable and opulent experience of sipping Champagne at Asia’s largest observation wheel. To take it to another level, Singapore Flyer offers three different ways to enjoy your time at the observation wheel.

A Singapore Sling flight, a premium champagne flight, and a four-course dinner inside the observation capsule are the options to choose from, for a high-end luxury experience. So, if you are keen on having more private luxury experiences, you can splurge your money by booking an observation capsule for your celebration with spectacular views and world standard services.

4. Stay at a Top-End Luxury Hotel & enjoy the services

Singapore boasts luxury hotels like no other city in the world. From eye-popping views to out of world luxury services, if you want ultimate luxury experiences in the most happening cities in Southeast Asia, book a room at any top-end luxury hotel in Singapore. Whether you need a private butler, award-winning Spa, bronze Bentleys with chauffeurs, dine at a Michelin star restaurant, the special arrangement at the rooftop infinity pool with custom-made services, the luxury hotels in Singapore have everything to suit your demands. In other words, enjoy the extravagant opulence of the hotels and feel like a royal with all the pampering which can make your holiday exceptional.

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5. Enjoy Formula One from Paddock Club

Do you love Formula One race? What’s better than enjoying the race from the Paddock Club? The exclusive package offered by Paddock Club goes beyond priority access. Each year the rich Asians flock to Singapore to enjoy the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix. Located right above the pit garages, the Paddock Club offers some exclusive luxuries to the audience. Whether it is the best view of the race, the best champagne, lip-smacking food from celebrity chefs, you are going to have the time of your life. Enjoying Formula One from the Paddock Club is undoubtedly one of the top luxury experiences in Singapore.

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Top Luxury experiences in Singapore

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