Think of Macau, and it’s only natural to conjure images of glitzy, high-class casinos immediately. These famed gambling establishments are known worldwide and are a tourist magnet in this part of China. A legacy of the region’s historical links to Portugal, this also makes it the only part of China where such casinos are tolerated. However, these are far from the only reasons to hop on a plane and visit Macau. In addition to sites related to its intriguing cultural heritage, visitors can also admire pandas and other fascinating wildlife at the Giant Panda Pavilion.

Macau’s Global Gambling Status

Macau is one of the most distinctive regions of China today, thanks in large part to its unique Portuguese heritage that blends with modern-day China. As a trading post that became a Portuguese colony, China retained sovereignty over Macau.

Still, unlike the British and Hong Kong situations, it was leased to the Portuguese for years, which helped the latter become a global financial hub. In this way, Macau is also a little like Goa in India In the mid-19th century, the Portuguese introduced gambling to Macau, creating a new form of entertainment unavailable in other parts of China

In 1999, the governance of Macau returned to China with an agreement to retain the economic aspects of the territory for half a century. Nowadays, Macau is seen as the Asian equivalent of Las Vegas, which is ironic given the hard line the Chinese Communist Party maintains against betting everywhere else. This also gave it a unique edge in attracting tourists worldwide. The emphasis on a smaller number of high-class establishments has also given a prestigious aura to casinos in Macau.

India Online Casinos as One of the Best Alternatives for Macau Players

Macau’s reputation as a top gambling destination has made it a hit with holidaymakers and generates substantial revenue for the government coffers. However, many players prefer to play online (either instead of or in addition to visiting real-world sites).

The advantages are numerous, not least the maximum convenience. Another major benefit of playing at the top online casinos in India is the great no-deposit promotions that offer the chance of real cash prizes without the risk of loss. Finding leading sites that provide these and other special offers is easy with the updated listings at Top10Casinos.com providing valuable insights into games, supported banking methods, and customer service reputation.

While Macau is celebrated for its casinos, it boasts many alternative attractions for those looking to diversify their experience. Beyond the gaming floors, visitors can explore Macau’s rich cultural heritage.

Alternative Macau Attractions

While betting is a lot of fun and Macau is globally renowned for its casino entertainment, there are plenty more attractions for visitors who are not into gambling or fancy adding something extra to their holiday in Macau. Fans of fauna may want to check out the Macau Giant Panda Pavilion, a Seac Pai Van Park zoo.

In addition to the eponymous pandas, this shaped wildlife attraction is home to other exotic inhabitants, including gorillas and flamingos. Another benefit of the zoo is that it comes with free admission, making it perfect for animal lovers as well. The only cost involved is if a visitor buys something from the gift shop.

Cultural heritage is also available, with Monte Fort as a prime example. This historic landmark (also known as Fortaleza do Monte) is free to visit and is a reminder of the region’s Portuguese past. Monte Fort falls within the region’s Historic Centre of Macau, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Another venue for the culturally inclined to explore within Macau is the Macau Museum, located next door to Monte Fort. The museum covers the region’s history, including its colonial era as part of the Portuguese Empire.

The Pandemic Effect

The global COVID-19 pandemic, which started in China before rapidly spreading to the rest of the world, seriously impacted casino gaming. Brick-and-mortar establishments, including Macau’s top-class casinos, were badly hit as tourism in both urban and rural settings was dramatically curtailed by the unexpected healthcare crisis.

While this has largely faded in most tourist destinations, Macau shut down its casinos in 2022 after a resurgence of COVID-19, although a full lockdown was avoided. However, this is a reminder that online casinos, complete with the best no-deposit bonuses for 2023, are much more resilient in the face of pandemics and other real-world problems.

From pandas to historical sites, Macau has plenty of tourist attractions in addition to its famed and high-class casino scene. While there was a brief return of COVID-19 in 2022, this has fallen back, and the situation is currently much the same as elsewhere.

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