Five Places That You Haven’t Explored in Mussoorie

Situated a few kilometers ahead of Dehradun, Mussoorie is a beautiful hill station in Uttarakhand. Located at the base of the Garhwal Himalayan range, this hill station is also known as The Queen of the Hills. Offering some of the quaintest experiences, this hill station is best suited to be visited between March and November. While you […]

A Perfect Abode in the Lap of Himalayas: The White Peaks

As the sun blinked through the floating clouds, the fainted Himalayan peaks somehow started to sparkle. The fearlessly flying chirping birds and their enchanting chorus announced the morning glory in the hills. As I opened the window to soak in the busking sunrays, I let the wind play with my hair as I breathed in […]

Rokeby Manor : The English Retreat in Landour

I have been searching for a perfect hilltop during my journeys. I do find many such tiny luring corners in the hills, though a sense of belongingness is missing in those corners. I often wonder why the best creative souls consider this place as their oasis. Leaving behind an overcrowded Mussorrie, the moment I entered […]

Have you heard of the Corn Village near Mussoorie?

The very first sight of the Sainji village made a deep imprint on my mind.  The rustic look, the earthy smell and the colourful houses were enticing enough. It was a sheer visual delight. The golden coloured hung corns dominated the tiny village situated on a hilltop. The courtyard was filled with red chilies and […]

The Winding Roads And My Affair With The Hills: Binsar, Uttarakhand

I am soaked too deep into my affair with the hills. Every time I embark on the road to a wonderfully secluded hilltop, the fragrant breeze, those scattered tiny huts and simplicity of the Pahardi people bring a smile to my face unconsciously. I let my hair play with the flirtatious wind, while setting my eyes […]

My Journey to Corbett National Park

The landscape changed suddenly. As soon as I took the turn upwards, the dense forest welcomed me. The towering Sal trees on both sides of the road took me to this remote village called Kyari in the Corbett National Park. The bumpy road, dried river bed and a few scattered houses was what I saw […]

Beyond Wilderness: Jim Corbett National Park

“Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye… it also includes the inner pictures of the soul”. Edvard Munch It looked like a fresh painting. The road, uncovered Sal trees, vaguely visible trail, and the rustle of those dry leaves.The darkness was fading away in a slow transition. I could hear the […]

Road Trip to Bhimtal

It was still dark. I could see a few people on the road,out for their morning walk. The world was getting up for yet another day. And I was ready with my backpack for a road trip to the hills. When you pop your head out of your window seat, the still air passing through […]

Travel Postcard of the Week : Kanatal

Situated almost at a height of 8500 feet from sea level, Kanatal is the jewel in Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. With the breathtaking landscape, pristine valleys, and quiet surrounding makes this place a perfect gateway from the city life. Life seems perfect when you are in a place like Kanatal which is still unexplored and unheard, […]

Kanatal : A Paradise Unexplored

The golden sun rays were making their way through the beautiful pine trees. The earthy smell of soil was enticing.  The sound of wind and the chirping birds created a musical rhythm in the surrounding. And I was driving high on the mountains with those multi- layers of hills. Life cannot be better than this when […]