How to spend 24 hours in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most vibrant cosmopolitan cities in the world. Known as “The City of Angel”, the city flaunts with the skyscrapers, high-end lifestyle, luxurious shopping malls, swanky cars and what not. Reputed as one of the chaotic cities in the world, Bangkok still holds its other side wrapped in the rich cultural heritage. The […]

Introducing Ayutthaya: The Ruin City of Thailand

Once regarded as one of the most prosperous cities of the world, Ayutthaya was the capital of Thailand for 417 years. Just 85 kilometres north of the bustling city of Bangkok, Ayutthaya will mesmerize you with its glorious past and gorgeous historical ruins. The island city was a major trading port, where international merchants used to […]

How to Look Stylish While Travelling : Tips & Trends

To become a fashion trendsetter is the urge of the hour. Having your own style statement and flaunting it gracefully is every woman’s secret desire. With the changing time, even travelers no longer carry that old rough, tough and rugged look anymore. Everyone wants to become a style icon in their own capacity. Travelling has […]

Why I Chose Fluid Fashion for My Maiden Trip to Thailand

Travelling to a new country always excites me. The endless possibilities of discovery, letting out the splendid secrets and turning a new page of your travel diary is undoubtedly one of those thrilling experiences one wants to endure. I was going through the same emotions when I decided to explore one of the Southeast Asian […]

Why You Should Visit Bangkok During The Amazing Thailand Grand Sale 2016?

Bangkok – A city of many shades. The sprawling buildings, skyscrapers, chaotic city life, contrast lifestyle, shopper’s paradise and a land of numerous attractions. Known as City of Angels, Bangkok is like any other metropolitan city, though it has some amazing things to offer if you want to explore it in leisure. Mostly travelers treat […]

5 Must Visit Places in Thailand

Getting down at the Bangkok International Airport, it takes only few seconds for you to realize the destination is nothing less than a cultural extravaganza. Tourists and more excited tourists from all over the world, dressed in their most casual attire with a big smile on their faces. Happiness is just round the corner ! […]