Aamod Shoghi Resort: The Perfect Abode in the Woods

The distant whistle of the toy train became louder as I slowly opened my eyes. The twittering of the birds announced the morning glory. Those morning sun-rays falling on my face, the feeling of being in the lap of nature and the hazy hills were the luxuries I was indulging in far away from my hectic city life. The meaning of vacation for me is not just being in an exotic location, rather being in the unhurried pace of life where time stands still.

Aamod Dalhousie Resort: A Luxurious Retreat In The Lap Of Himalaya

Holding my cuppa of tea, while watching the hilltop with a cluster of houses from my luxurious cottage at Aamod Shoghi, I dreamt of having my own house in the hills one day. Located on a beautiful hill slope, wrapped with a thick cover of oak and pine trees, Aamod Shoghi looks like a secret location, far away from the mainland. As I negotiated through the narrow pathway in the forest, walking towards my log cottage, I was blown away by the location.

Alwar Bagh by Aamod : A Perfect Weekend Getaway

The serene surroundings of the hills, strategically located cottages and the feeling of being close to nature makes a whole new difference. A nomadic soul like me, who is in constant search for quieter abodes, I had found one in Shoghi. Being an eco-tourism resort, Aamod Shoghi has designed their cottages in such a way that it blends well with nature. The pre-fabricated cottages were placed strategically, without disturbing the forest. The curling stone pathways, leading to the log cabins on the top of the hills make it one of the most picturesque weekend gateways.

The Cottage

Located on the ridge, the super deluxe cottage with a balcony, overlooking the valley and the vaguely visible toy train track was too perfect to ask for.

Well-equipped with all the modern amenities, the luxurious cottage was spacious and designed elegantly. The best part of the cottage is its location.

Road Trip to Bhimtal

The sun-drenched balcony was my favorite corner of the cottage where I spent most of my time admiring the surroundings, whether it was in the morning with the rising sun or in the evening with the dazzling stars in the sky.

The Experiences I liked the most

When vacationing at Aamod Shoghi, don’t miss their signature experiences that include the private Jacuzzi on top of the ridge, Spa sessions, private romantic dinner, adventure activities or the nature trail. Each activity is beautifully designed and can be customized according to guest’s demand. Here are my favorite experiences:

Watching the Sunset on the ridge

If you want to have the best view of the sunset, taking the stone pathway towards the ridge is highly recommended. Watching the sun painting the sky in orange hues while enjoying the private Jacuzzi on the ridge was the luxury I indulged in completely.

The changing colors in the sky, the slow transition of the daylight into darkness and the illuminating lights in the surrounding valleys were worth waiting for on the ridge, for the perfect moment.

Private Dinner

If there was something which completely blew me away was their private dinner set up on the ridge. The candles were lit, cutleries were placed and drinks were served. The private butler was by your side for any kind of services. Aesthetically designed and thoughtfully executed, my private dinner experience was one of its kind.

I probably had not experienced such romantic, elaborate dining experience in an exotic location like this anywhere until that day.

Nature Trail

The holidays in the hills always include the nature trails where I love to walk a few miles into the woods. Meeting the locals, spending a few delicate moments, striking random conversations and eating local food is always high on my agenda. As decided, I along with one of the local staff from the resort started walking towards the thick forest of pine, just next to the main road. The temperature was soaring high until I entered the forest. The peeping sunrays, cold breeze and the chirping sounds of birds accompanied me throughout.

Not just that, many locals crossed my path, exchanging smiles without communicating. The simplicity of the humble people and the warmth in their behavior brings me back to the hills every time. Well, the trek route also includes a few villages.

And to my surprise, I was invited by the head of the family to one of the households to have a cup of tea. I was also handed a bag full of apples from his orchard. The overwhelming behavior of the locals always makes me believe in humanity.

Toy Train Ride

The highlight of the trip was the Toy Train ride I had from Shoghi station. It was my childhood dream to go on a Toy Train ride in India and my happiness knew no bounds when I finally boarded the train that day.

The childlike excitement of being inside a toy train and crossing those dark tunnels was fascinating for me. I felt as if it had transported me back to my childhood days. Popping my head out of the window I was enjoying those sharp turns on the tiny tracks like never before.

Apart from these highlighted experiences, I also indulged in their sublime spa session.

If you are an adventure junky, Aamod Shoghi is the perfect place to pump your adrenal rushes by experiencing their adventure activities. You can access the Burma Bridge, Rope Bridge Walk, Commando Net, the zip line, badminton court and what not. You can also opt for cycling on those twisting roads in the hills.

If you are someone who loves to escape the monotony of life, to live a few quiet and wonderful moments in the woods, away from the regularity, Aamod Shoghi is the place for you. Almost 13 km short of the British summer capital, Shimla, this place offers the best holiday experiences with an unparalleled hospitality. The uninterrupted views of the mountains are a bonus.

I was invited by Escape Route and hosted by Aamod Shoghi Resort 

Getting there 

The charming hill station in Himachal Pradesh can be reached via Air, Train, or by your private car from Delhi easily.

Train: There is no direct train between New Delhi and Shoghi. The most convenient way to reach Shoghi is to take a morning Shatabdi Express and reach Kalka station. The journey from Delhi to Kalka will take four hours. From Kalka Station, you can hire the private cab or you can opt for the Kalka Shimla Himalayan Toy Train ride till Shimla. The private taxi will take more than 2 hours, but the Toy Train ride will take around five hours.  The distance between Kalka and Shimla is 90 KM by road.

Air: There are no direct flights available between Delhi and Shoghi. The best option is to take a flight from Delhi to Chandigarh and hire a private cab to reach your destination.


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  1. Tatum Skipper

    This literally looks like a fairy tale place! The Jacuzzi overlooking the ridge where you can watch the sunset! Literally everything about this places screams romance!! What an awesome little getaway in the mountains. I would totally stay here!!

  2. Rashmi and Chalukya

    Loved these pictures. There is so much to explore in the Himalayas, which we are yet to make to. And the resort looks perfect with relaxed and laid back atmosphere. Definitely, something to consider whenever we visit.
    Rashmi and Chalukya recently posted…Top 11 Things to do in Ljubljana SloveniaMy Profile

  3. Christie Sultemeier

    Wow this looks like remote heaven! How relaxing. I would love to sit out on that patio and read a book or write. I can totally picture myself there sitting below the chirping birds after reading your post. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Lisa

    That resort looks amazing and when I bet you must have been so relaxed after your stay, I don’t think that I would want to leave. The way you write about it as well literally as a reader I could just picture myself being there.

  5. Bhusha

    The resort looks just too gorgeous! Anything in the lap of himalayas, wrapped in nature would be the perfect place to spend the weekend with the one you love. The wooden structures look perfect and blend well with the nature around it.
    Bhusha recently posted…Greenwich Painted Hall & Chapel (Greater London – England)My Profile

  6. Yukti

    The location of Aamod Shoghi abode is poetic. I must say staying in these type of cottages among peaceful nature with chirping birds and rising colors of sun in sky is like a divine stay type. I can watch sunset and sunrise everyday with cuppa of tea and sit hours and hours. Do the have good internet connection?

    • Parnashree Devi

      Thanks, Yukti. The location is the USP of this resort. I haven’t used their wifi as I was using my own data connection. But who needs WIFI when you stay in a cottage like that. I would happily leave my mobile to admire the nature there.

  7. Erin

    Oh doesn’t this spot just look like heaven inside and out! I love the idea of the rope bridge walk to get the adrenaline up and the hanging tyres look interesting too! Thanks for the detailed info on how to get to this wonderfully secluded spot – I like your suggestion to take the toy train to enjoy the journey on your way to the destination!

    • Parnashree Devi

      You must experience the toy train ride on the mountain. This is one of its kind experience

  8. Lydia Smith

    Your vacation must have been the best. I like it when hotels indulge in ecotourism. Your stay here reminds of Emerson’s poem “Nature.” This is the view I had pictured. Those sunset views…… They are undescribeable. The view from Aamod Shogi resort is the best and I love that the resort is located far away from the city in the woods. Tranquility is all what your pictures exudes.

    • Parnashree Devi

      The best part of my trip was the location of the resort. Its absolutely stunning.

  9. Lisa

    If I ever get to India one day, I’d love to try a ride on that toy train, it’s so quaint! This place is absolutely divine. From the bedroom to those stunning views, I can imagine a stay here is so pleasurable. Thanks for sharing!

    • Parnashree Devi

      You must visit this place. I am sure that you will enjoy it with its breathtaking landscapes and their great hospitality. Also, do try the Toy Train ride for sure. It was the best thing I did there.

  10. Arun

    nice photography.I liked your way of sharing your experience with us.we also want to see this location.Thank you for giving route map.


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