Badi Lake: The Offbeat Attraction in Udaipur, Rajasthan

The driver asked, “Where are we heading, Madam”?

I said, “Badi Lake”.

He replied, “Tourists generally don’t visit this lake as it is not popular like Pichola and Fateh Sagar Lake”.

I reciprocated, “That’s why I want to visit this offbeat attraction.”

My jaw literally dropped when I saw the Badi Lake from the top of Bahubali hills. The alluring aerial views of this offbeat attraction of Udaipur can transport you to some exotic location. With the crocodile hump look alike rising hills in the middle of the lake, the fading vistas of the Aravali range, and the Badi village around, the lake paints the most picturesque scenery on your mind. The lake can be best viewed from top of the hillock, which requires a small trek up hill.

The best part of the location is that the terrain is covered with wild tall cactus trees. It gives you a feeling of the Arizona in USA loosely. This fresh water lake offers some splendid panoramas. It is surely a visual delight for the eyes. Built by Maharana Raj Singh I (1652-1680) to eliminate the devastating effects of a famine, the lake was the source of water during the drought. He named the lake as Jiyan Sagar after his mother Jana Devi. This is one of the biggest fresh water lakes in India.

How I discovered Badi Lake

Being a curious mind, I always prefer to do a pre-research about the place I am going to travel. It helps me to plan my itinerary well in advance and makes me aware of a lot of offbeat places. During my research about the “City Of Lakes” in Rajasthan, I stumbled upon a YouTube video about Badi Lake. I was not even aware of a lake like this in Udaipur until I finished watching the entire video. The vivid visuals of the lake were so inviting that it made an impressionable effect on my mind. I decided to explore this lake more than anything else in Udaipur. Unfortunately, not much has been written about the place, which made me more intrigued. It was obvious that unlike the famous lakes in the city, Badi Lake is less explored and not known to many. I decided to include it on top of my itinerary. And, that gave me enough reasons to explore it.

Location of Badi Lake

The location of the Badi Lake can be one reason why this lake has still not come under the tourist’s radar. Located around 12 km away from the main city, the lake is situated in a village called Badi, after which the lake is named. Due to its secluded location, the surrounding has a very peaceful aura. The picturesque lake is one of the most scenic lakes in Rajasthan. If you love driving around scenic lakes, the drive around the Badi Lake can give you the most fulfilling experience, especially early in the morning. Due to the exclusivity and exoticism of the location, the Badi Lake has become a preferred location for wedding shoots these days.

The best time to visit

I visited the lake early in the morning to avoid the harsh sunlight of summer. It is advisable to visit in the morning itself as it looks breathtakingly beautiful with the sunlight cascading its way through the surrounding hills. Also, I preferred the early morning to avoid any kind of chaos and crowd. The sunset view is also absolutely fantastic if you are a sunset person. You can visit the lake throughout the year. But, the monsoon is arguably the best time to see the spectacular beauty of the lake, when nature is drenched in rain and everything looks refreshingly green. Visiting Badi Lake in the monsoon is high on my list.


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  2. kunal

    Badi lake seems a nice place, I will add up it in the list of places to visit in Udaipur.
    thanks for sharing.

  3. Jack Harry

    Look really beautiful. and photos is amazing..

  4. Yukti Agrawal

    Badi Lake looks stunning and a very peaceful place. I love such offbeat locations and would definitely head to this one when I visit Udaipur again. Great to know that it is named after the village name and really it is perfect for wedding photo shoots. Thanks for tipping us about visiting this place in monsoon.

  5. Amrita

    Badi Lake looks breathtakingly beautiful. Now you have given me another place to visit in Udaipur. I would prefer visiting during the sunset, as I love sunsets. Love your pictures in the middle of the cacti.

  6. Martha

    I definitely agree that Badi Lake definitely has the Southwestern United States like Arizona. The desert foliage is beautifully juxtaposed against the bright, blue lake waters. Your dress in these photos is also stunning! Great tip about visiting in the early morning. Definitely put this on my bucket list.

  7. amar singh

    I visited Udaipur last year but did not know about this place so missed out, but posts like these help us see places that are not as well promoted and Badi is a great example. The lake itself looks beautiful with the reflection of the blue sky and surroundings only add to the natural beauty . A great story behind it similar to some of the more popular lakes in and around Udaipur . A great place for some super photos and a photographers paradise I must say . Thanks for sharing it with the wider world.

  8. Sreekar

    This sure seems like a great place perfect for a vacation this summer. Especially loved how serene the lake is. Can’t get much better than that.

  9. Annick

    I’m so glad you found Badi Lake and decided to tell us about it. The cacti were not something I was expecting to see. The views from that hill were absolutely amazing! Great tip to visit during the rainy season. By the way, fabulous dress!

  10. Michelle M

    Badi Lake in Udaipur looks gorgeous! It does actually remind me of Arizona, but you can tell the catci are slightly different. It seems counter-intuitive to visit during a rainy season, but that sounds awesome.

  11. Julien Casanova

    Visiting places in the mornings is the best advice, even in undiscovered locations such as this. The beautiful light, fewer people are a great way to start the day. Really interesting that this lake in India was built so long ago as the result of famine.

  12. Ranjeet

    Look really beautiful … all sightseeing are amazing must visit at once.

  13. Niranjan R

    It’s a lovely lake. Looks gorgeous in the mornings.



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