UK Tourist Visa for Indians: Tips and Requirements

This post is tailor-made for Indian travelers. It talks all about the UK Tourist Visa, its requirements, mandatory checklist, and pro tips.

When it comes to the top tourist destinations list worldwide, the United Kingdom always makes its place on the list. From the awe-inspiring landmarks to breathtaking coastal views and delicious food to the lovely people- there’s a lot that makes globetrotters fly to the United Kingdom whenever they get a chance.

If you’re planning to go on a delightful vacation soon and have chosen the United Kingdom as the travel destination, make sure you apply for the UK tourist visa well in advance.

To ensure your visa application gets approved on the first attempt, we’ve listed down some tips for Indian travelers. It will undoubtedly boost the chances of visa approval. So let’s head straight to the information shared below and prepare accordingly.

Apply early to get your visa approved on time

According to the Visa Application Centres (VAC), the number of visa applications during the summer season is generally pretty high. So, you might want to be one of the early applicants to get your visa approved on time. Indian travelers can apply for a UK tourist visa as early as three months prior to the scheduled or planned travel date. Therefore, decide when you want to apply for the visa. The earlier you apply, the better.

The Visa Application Centres (VAC) take around 15 days to revert to each applicant with the final application status. Still, residents from certain locations can pay a premium to avail of their priority visa services to receive a decision within five working days. If you couldn’t apply early, check if you have the option to avail of a priority visa service. It depends on your current location, and do the needful.

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Be careful to choose the right visa type

There are various visas available, and each has a different purpose. The list of activities a traveler can do and cannot do also varies from one visa to another. And, even the duration is not the same for all the visas. If you want to have a pleasant time in the UK without any difficulty, apply for the visa apt for your visit purpose.

Be ready with the required documents

When applying for a UK visa, you will be required to furnish a number of documents. These documents will be used to determine if the visa should be granted or not. So make sure you’re ready with all the required documents at the time of visa application.

We’ve discussed what all documents are needed in this article, so read it till the end to find out, and always keep them handy to facilitate a faster and hassle-free visa application process.

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Book the flight tickets & accommodation before applying for the visa

When you receive an appointment date and time to visit the Visa Application Centre (VAC), you should also carry proof of booked flight tickets and accommodation to make the concerned authority aware of the bookings. These documents are often needed as proof and are required to be submitted during the visa application process.

Be ready with the itinerary

Having an itinerary helps indicate your travel indications to the authorities. To boost your visa approval chances, carry a detailed itinerary that highlights what activities you plan to do in the UK, landmarks you plan to visit, etc. The clearer and more detailed the itinerary, the better.

These highly-effective yet straightforward tips can boost your visa approval chances, so always make sure to follow these while applying for a UK tourist visa. Now that you’re aware of some really helpful visa application tips, let’s know the process to get your UK tourist visa.

These highly-effective yet straightforward tips can boost your visa approval chances, so always make sure to follow these while applying for a UK tourist visa. Now that you’re aware of some really helpful visa application tips, let’s know the process to get your UK tourist visa.

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Get a UK tourist visa approved in the first attempt

No matter how prepared you are, your entire trip can be stopped if the authorities don’t approve your UK tourist visa on time. To ensure you get it quickly and in the first attempt, take into account the following details before filing the tourist visa application form.

Application Process to Get the UK Tourist Visa

The UK tourist visa application process is pretty straightforward. Follow the below-mentioned steps to apply for your visa:

  • Head to the Visa4UK or official portal offering UK visa and immigration services.
  • Create an account, and duly fill in the details being asked in the UK tourist visa application online form.
  • Once the form is filled, pay the visa application fee.
  • Now, book an appointment to submit your documents and biometrics at an authorized Visa Application Centre (VAC).
  • Print the appointment confirmation email, and take it along with the other essential documents to the VAC.
  • Visit the Visa Application Centre (VAC) on the scheduled date and time, submit the documents and biometrics, and wait for a few days for them to evaluate your application.

If all the submitted details and documents are correct, your visa application has a higher chance of approval.

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Eligibility Criteria for Indians

To be eligible to get a tourist visa from the United Kingdom, Indians must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Must hold a valid Indian passport that will remain valid for at least six months from the scheduled travel date.
  • The sole purpose of the visit should be to indulge in tourism-related activities.
  • Should show they have contacts in India that will ensure a hassle-free return back to their home country once the visa expires.
  • Must have sufficient funds to support the entire trip to the United Kingdom.

If you meet all the above criteria, check out the previous point. It covers a step-by-step process for applying for a visa. Also, follow the exact same steps to submit your visa application form.  

List of Mandatory Documents Required

You need the following documents:

  • 2 Passport size photographs
  • A valid passport
  • Complete travel itinerary along with proof of accommodation and flight tickets
  • You have to give proof of legal residence
  • Submit proof of previous travel history
  • Proof of employment

If you’re a self-employed individual, a copy of your business license will suffice. Students can show their proof of admission or an authorized travel leave from the school. 

Photo Specifications for the Visa

To ensure your visa gets approved at the first application attempt, attach a recently taken photograph. Make sure that the photograph is with a light grey or basic cream background. Your facial expressions should be neutral, and your eyes should be directly gazing at the lens. Avoid wearing any glasses, headgear, or similar items. So, the picture is clear, increasing the chances of your visa application approval.

Easy Way to Check the Visa Process Status

Once you’ve applied for the UK tourist visa following the above steps, you will keep receiving notifications about the status via your registered email id. You can also opt to receive SMS updates about the application status.

Additionally, you can contact the Visa Application Centre (VAC), where you submit your documents for an update via their official email id, contact number, etc. The entire process usually takes 15 days, so don’t start following up regarding the status within two weeks of submitting the documents.

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Once you have the visa in place it is also advisable to buy travel insurance. Though buying travel insurance is not mandatory, purchasing one before applying for the visa will highlight your well-preparedness to tackle any medical emergencies, if any arise, in the UK, especially during the COVID times.

When you convey that you’ve purchased international travel insurance during your VAC visit, it might influence their visa approval decision a little bit.

Even if it doesn’t, you can still have it as travelers don’t have to worry about any unexpected expenses arising from sudden medical emergencies, flight cancellation, passport theft, baggage theft, change in travel dates, etc. As COVID is not yet over, it is best to secure all travelers under travel insurance.


If you have followed the right application process and provided the correct details in the form, the chances of tourist visa applications getting approved always remain on the higher side.

Now that you’re aware of all the tips needed to make your trip a delightful one and the exact steps to apply for a UK tourist visa, go and get things done at the earliest. 


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